Saying our goodbyes

Today is our last day in Rogers, Arkansas.

The morning was spent in Rogers picking up some last minute supplies from Walmart, updating the computers and fueling the Jeep.  By late morning, we were back at the campground preparing the coach for an early-morning departure.  We took down the sunshades, checked the oil, flushed the tanks, did some last-minute laundry, put away all the small things that get scattered about, checked the tire pressure, cleaned the windshield, etc.  We finished around 2:00 PM and headed for Faye and Don’s.

It was a hot, humid afternoon and we all headed for the lake.  As warm as the water is this time of year, it is still a relief from the heat.  From time to time, a wake from a passing boat would gently rock us.  Roxy the rottweiler watched over us from the edge of the boat dock, snarling at any watercraft that got too close.

Eventually hunger got the better of us.  We returned to the house, cleaned up and headed to one of the local Italian restaurants.  The meal was underwhelming, but we enjoyed the time with Faye and Don.  After dinner we said our goodbyes and headed for the campground.

At the campground, I wanted to make sure we were square with the owners and found Wayne repairing the playground merry-go-round the kids were using.  We said goodbye, thanked him for his hospitality and wished him well.

With nothing else left to do, we watched some TV and got to bed early.  It would be a long drive tomorrow.