Family visit in Patterson, Georgia

In the morning we headed out with Jim and Patty who took us on a driving tour of the Woodbine, Kingsland and St. Mary’s area.  We were impressed with how many people were living in the region and how nice the homes were.  Equally impressive was the amount of building going on, booth residential and commercial.  We stopped in the old section of St Mary’s to walk around and take some pictures along the recently restored waterfront.

After a quick lunch at Pizza Hut (the buffet special), we left for the small town of Patterson to visit Jeanne’s family.  The drive was a lot longer than expected and was pretty much a straight shot through woodlands, wetlands and farms.

Upon arrival, we visited with Uncle Melvin, Aunt Aldean and cousins Dwayne, Dorthy, Bridgett and Natalie.  After a long visit, Aunt Aldean cooked a great meal.  Uncle Melvin drove the four of us to a small cemetery where Jeanne’s father is buried along with generations of relatives.  The grave stones were dated back to the late 1600s.  It was interesting listening to Uncle Melvin talk about the family members and their lives, most of which was new information to Jeanne and Jim.  The cemetery was located away from the main highway and next to a very old church.  It was a peaceful way to spend the afternoon.

We said our goodbyes and began the long drive home, stopping long enough at a Dairy Queen to give the car a rest.