Fix the coach day

This turned into a fix-the-coach day.

About two months ago we had ordered a sunscreen for the front window of the coach.  Since we were on the move when the order was placed, the sunscreen was shipped to Jeanne’s brother Jim and his wife Patty in Georgia.  Well, we finally had the sunscreen and set aside a day for its installation but discovered the ladder we had was too short.  After buying a folding ladder at Home Depot we installed the sunscreen without any problems.  It looks great, cuts down on the sun hitting the windows and keeps the coach noticeably cooler.

Working in South Georgia on a broiling summer day was a new experience.  The job was not that physical but just standing on the ladder in full sun was a challenge.  No amount of sweat can cool you down.  About halfway through the job I noticed sweat dripping off the bill of my cap.  

The shelf under the sink had collapsed and Jim offered to help with the repair.  Using the old shelf as a pattern, Jim cut a replacement which fit perfectly and we are grateful for his time and effort.  That evening Jim stopped by for dinner and firmed up our plans for tomorrow.

Contemporary note:  We still have the ladder.  The very sturdy aluminum is a little on the heavy side but the telescoping legs and center hinge lets it fold into a compact package — perfect for storage under the motorhome.  Looking back I’m surprised we made it that far into the trip without one.