Drive to Long Island and the DVD

We have little good to say about the drive to Long Island.

There was so much road construction, the highway department should have posted signs for the road sections that weren’t torn up.  What a mess.  Eventually, we arrived at our destination.

After visiting with Uncle Harvey and Aunt Gladys, we met Ron and Jason at a local kabob place and enjoyed an excellent dinner.  We then retired to Cousin Cindy and Ron’s house for dessert and to view a DVD of family movies.

Aside:  When preparing mom’s house for sale, we came across about thirty 8mm home movies.  Not really knowing what to do with them, we asked some local digital movie processors if they could be transferred from film to digital media.  This is America, where anything is possible for a price.  The studio, which did a lot of digital processing for Sony, was able to record the movies to DVD. Apparently it was just in time since some of the movies were beginning to deteriorate.  The DVD contained images taken from the late 1940s through the late 1950s.

Harvey and Gladys was able to identify most of the people on the DVD.  It was certainly a walk down memory lane for them and the past is not documented for future generations.  We returned to Harvey’s house to prepare for our foray into New York City the next day.