World Trade Center and visit with Susan

After our morning workout, we stopped by Harvey’s office before having lunch at a local deli.

We were pleasantly surprised with the train ride into New York.  The Long Island Rail Road had materially improved the quality of their service and rail cars.  However, the subways were a different story and were worse than we remembered.  Eventually, we made our way to where the World Trade Center once stood.  The site is hard to describe.  What strikes you is the gaping hole in the ground.  The destruction must have been unbelievable.  Even the buildings surrounding the site were severely damaged and were under repair.  The subway station had reopened, but you could clearly see subway trains operating at one side of the site.  At one time they were several stories underground but now they are exposed.  We did take some pictures, but small digital photos don’t do justice to the site.

Leaving the WTC, we headed for Susan’s apartment and got caught in a finger-of-god thunderstorm.  Arriving drenched, we had an excellent dinner and fun visit with Susan.  We caught up on old times, discussed what was currently happening in our lives and speculated about the future.  It could have gone on for hours.  We can do this with close friends — after a long separation you just pick up where you left off.  Much too soon, we had to cut it short and began our trip back to Long Island.  It was close to midnight by the time we got to bed.