Well, dear readers, the Excellent Adventure continues.

During the final week of our stay in Grand Junction, we sincerely tried to buy a house, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  The short version is we offered on a house under construction but couldn’t come to terms.  The longer version involves gory details of an over-engineered contract.  The deal-breaker was a non-price issue.  In the end, we decided to walk away and try again in the spring.  The process was disappointing and a rehash of the particulars is beyond the scope of this triplog.

Sometimes things just don’t work out.  Nevertheless, we resolved to return in the spring to try again.  Hopefully there will be a while new set of properties to choose from and we plan to expand our search to some of the surrounding communities.  Special thanks goes to our broker, Lana, a true professional, who stuck with us through the ordeal.  Her help and guidance is very much appreciated.

The weather is getting cool with the night temperatures falling to into the high 30s.  The trees in the valley have changed to a bright, bright yellow.  Every time we go for a drive we are struck with how beautiful this valley is.

We have been here about seven weeks and the coach has been sitting in one place for at least a month.  Our return to the road required some preparation and we spent parts of the last two days getting ready.  Jeanne cleaned the inside of the coach while I attended to the usual outside tasks of oil, tires, tanks, etc.

On our last day in Grand Junction, it rained.  During a break in the rain we made a grocery store run for supplies.  Otherwise, we hunkered down and waited for the storm to pass.  By evening, the sun was breaking through the clouds and you could see snow on the surrounding mountains.  Beautiful.

So, with heavy hearts, we will be leaving tomorrow to continue the Excellent Adventure.