Back on the road, Salina, Utah

The morning air was clear, the sun was bright and the air was crisp.  Perfect for traveling.

It had been a month since we last started the coach and we wondered if there would be any problem.  Well, no problem.  The motor fired on the first try and after a warm-up, we were on our way.

Jeanne scheduled an easy 200 mile drive to the small town of Salina, Utah.  The route took us west over I-70 through eastern Utah.  The rugged terrain was thinly populated and it was not unusual to travel 50 miles or more between towns.  We stopped a few times to take in the scenery and snap a few pictures.  We are eager to settle around Grand Junction and begin our exploration of this region.

We reached Salina about 2:30.  The RV park was right off the interstate and we never really did get into the town proper.  Characterizing the RV park as an organized enterprise is an overstatement.  It was really a few ancient hookups behind an auto repair business.  To the south was a gas station and to the north was a Subway.  All three businesses had a weather-beaten look to them.  We were dubious but decided to give it a try.  Anyway, at $12.00, the price was right.  We hooked up and spent the rest of the afternoon analyzing our Grand Junction experience.

Around 5:00, it was beginning to get dark and we realized we were the only ones in the RV park.  It was also getting cold.  In the thin, dry air, the outside temperature immediately dropped into the 40s when the sun went down.  So, here’s the deal:  we’re camped in a tiny town in eastern Utah right off the interstate.  There is nobody around, the temperature is dropping.  And, it is Halloween night.  Is this spooky, or what?  We made sure the coach was securely locked before retiring for the night.