Still House Hunting

We have received comments from dedicated triplog readers regarding the lack of timely updates.  In response we offer our sincere apology; there just hasn’t been much to report.

Our time has been devoted to finding the perfect house.  Each night we schedule properties to view the next day, pinpointing each on the map and charting a route.  If a property passes the drive-by test, we call our Realtor, Lana, to arrange a showing.  The process is discouraging in that each property seems to have a fatal flaw.  Living in the coach makes thing worse since there is nothing pushing us to make a quick decision.

All this effort has turned into a job of sorts.  After breakfast we pile into the car and cruise neighborhoods.  After a quick stop for lunch, it is more of the same until we quit around 4:00 PM.  What remains of the day consists of dinner, TV and planning the next day.  I seem to remember doing something similar about two years ago.

We got close on one property and even reached the point of meeting with the builder to pick options, but detailed measurements revealed there was no way we could fit an RV on the property.  Rats!  That night we had hot fudge sundaes for dinner to sooth our disappointment.  Sometimes things just don’t work out.

So, after three weeks we have nothing to show for our efforts besides gas receipts and a knowledge of how to decode real estate ads.  Here are some examples:

Majestic views = unstable hillside.

Secluded = out-of-control vegetation.

Rural = chicken farms, stockyards, horses and flies.

Mature area = rusting cars in front of neighbor’s trailer.

Needs TLC = call the demolition crew.

Close to transportation = located in a narrow strip between the interstate and railroad.

You get the idea.

A detailed description of each property would only make this entry intolerably long.  However, we did see some interesting things, including one property with a filled-in swimming pool, one with storage for six cars, one on two acres of alkaline soil (dead dirt), one with a mounted elk head that dominated the living room and one with too many pictures of the ugliest baby ever born in Mesa County, Colorado.

Despite the disappointment, we’re not giving up.  The delusion of finding the perfect property at the right price keeps us focused on the task.  We are resolved to keep at it until scheduled obligations force us to move on.  If we leave before finding something, we plan to return in the spring to try again.  We found the area.  Now if we could only find the house.

So, dear triplog readers, keep visiting this site and wish us good luck in finding our dream home and ending the Excellent Adventure.