Crash and Burn

The past week slipped by and there is almost nothing of note to report.

The first three days were spent running errands, cleaning the coach and trying to recover.  We were more tired than we thought.  In retrospect, in Grand Junction, several hours each day were devoted to driving around looking at real estate.  Right before we left, the negotiations (which fell through) were stressful and took a toll.  Immediately afterwards, we spent three days on the road followed by our Las Vegas experience with Nick and Barbara.  No wonder we’re tired.  Add to that our workout restart and we were ready for a crash-and-burn.

About four days ago, Jeanne felt a cold coming on and has been laying around the coach ever since.  It is probably a bug she picked up cruising the casinos.  Right now, she is on the road to recovery and should be up and around soon.

We did find time to visit the Bass Pro Shop here in Las Vegas.  For our non-outdoor readers, Bass Pro is a store that caters to the hunting and fishing crowd.  Jeanne calls it the Guy Zone, but these outdoor stores have discovered the discretionary spending power of women and now carries merchandise appealing to that demographic.  Which means clothes, of course.  Jeanne used the opportunity to pick up a few things for herself.  At least the stuff in Bass Pro is high quality and long lasting.  If you never visited one, you should check it out, or visit the BassPro or Cabelas web sites.

One morning, Jeanne was sleeping late and hunger was setting in.  A long time ago I learned not to wake Godzilla, especially when she is sick.  So not wanting to rattle around in the kitchen, I headed for the breakfast buffet at Mandalay Bay hotel.  What a treat.  For $13.85 I was able to eat my favorite foods for breakfast.  It will be my one and only buffet run during our Las Vegas stay.

It may sound strange, but we feel like we’re wasting time here in Las Vegas.  Except for the mild weather and shopping, there is no real reason for us to be here.  We’re in a well kept RV resort but it is noisy.  Our site is close to the freeway and the end of the airport runway.

Some Las Vegas residents drive like maniacs.  Yesterday, Sunday, at 7:30 in the morning on my way to the gym, I witnessed a car blocking traffic in order to post a yard sale sign, an accident, two near-misses and three bonehead moves all within a five minute drive.  Today, as I approached a four-way stop, the only other driver around saw I might reach the intersection first and intentionally ran the stop sign.  In a school zone no less.  It is a relief to reach your destination and shut off the motor.  Do the people here realize that (with the exception of South Florida) the rest of the country doesn’t drive like this?

So, here we are in Las Vegas, running down the clock.  We tried to get into the Santa Paula RV park sooner, but they were booked solid.  So, aside from Jeanne recovering from her cold, there is little here for us to do.  We look forward to spending the next three days quietly before moving on.