Leaving Las Vegas

It was colder than we expected last night.  The heat pumps came on but the outside air was too cool for them to work effectively.  I finally got up about 3:30 AM to turn on the furnace.  When it finally got light outside, the day promised to be clear and cool.

Jeanne is feeling much better and should be in good shape to travel tomorrow.  Having had enough of Las Vegas, we’re both looking forward to moving on.

Yesterday was one of those hang around the coach days.  After going to the gym in the morning, I stopped at Starbucks for a good high-speed internet connection to update this site.  Total disaster was narrowly averted.  After purchasing a coffee and setting up at one of the small tables, work began on the update.  Crossing my legs under the table allowed the mouse cable to wrap around my foot.  Changing positions yanked the mouse cable and sent the coffee flying.  The computer gods were with me and very little of the coffee splashed on the computer.  However, the table, chair, window and floor were soaked with decaf and a thin vapor of steam was rising from the spreading liquid.  The employees were very forgiving and hustled to clean up the mess.  Apparently it is a regular occurrence.  I now realize why Starbucks installs ceramic tile on the floor.

Today was one of those get-ready-to-move days.  Jeanne straightened up the inside and I attended to the outside.  By early afternoon, the windows were washed, tires checked, oil checked, slides checked for leaves, etc.  We made a quick Walmart run.  Afterwards, Jeanne did some last minute laundry and I headed for one last workout at the gym.

Aside from visiting our friends and restarting our workout program, our Las Vegas stay was not very satisfying.  However, that is the point of the Excellent Adventure; we see what various communities offer and if we don’t like it, we move.  Las Vegas is a great place for an occasional visit or a winter getaway, but it is not on our A list and we’re looking forward to moving on.

So, the Excellent Adventure continues. . .

Contemporary Note:  Over the years I spent a lot of time in Las Vegas, mostly for business.  I met a lot of good, hard-working folks who were talented, sincere and focused on providing for their families.  It is strange how this contrasts with what Las Vegas really is — a place to have fun and/or get a new start on life.  Like South Florida, it has a transient feel.  If you are into bling and a 24-hour lifestyle, Vegas is the place.  Enough said.