Nick and Barbara

We spent the past two days visiting on and off with our friends, Nick and Barbara and their family and friends.  It seemed like a blur of casinos, restaurants, flashing lights and poker chips.  The usual Las Vegas experience.  In any event, our friends enjoyed their stay right to the end.  And, anything that happened here, stays here.

Somehow, Jeanne and I avoided getting wiped out at the tables.  By avoiding the free drinks, staying on a strict budget and walking away at the right time, we stayed about even and had a great time.  One of the unique things about Vegas is that things are constantly changing.  The casinos, shops and restaurants are constantly updated so our bi-annual trip is never the same.  We enjoyed strolling through the mall shops, both on and off the strip.

By the time Nick and Barbara left, we were in Las Vegas overload.  Our general rule is that waking up in Las Vegas three mornings in a row is one morning too many.  Eventually the noise, crowds, excitement and traffic wear you down.  Two days is enough and four days is way too many.  We are looking forward to spending a few quiet days at the coach recovering.