Chocolate and Bullets

We were way too close to Hershey, Pennsylvania to pass up a visit to the famous chocolate factory.  So, we set out early along country roads that took us through hills, farms and small towns.  The weather was beautiful and we very much enjoyed the drive.

As we approached Hershey, we realized there was more here than a chocolate factory.  In fact, the place is one huge theme park where thousands of wired-up kids are marginally controlled by tired parents trying to make the best of a few precious hours away from work.  We headed for Hershey’s Chocolate World, which is somewhat separate from the theme park.  After sharing the plant tour ride with several screaming kids, Jeanne stocked up with enough chocolate to exceed the carrying capacity of the coach.  After observing the interaction of kids with their parents, I learned something — the primary purpose of school is to separate kids and parents.

On the return trip Jeanne noticed a sign for Cabela’s, which is a well-known outdoor outfitter.  On a lark, we headed for the store.  It turned out we stumbled onto a brand new 250,000 square foot store packed with anything the outdoorsman (and women) could possibly want.  The scope of the place is hard to describe.  We spent four hours there without getting to some of the departments.  It was truly outdoor overload.  It was easily triple the size of the Fort Lauderdale Bass Pro Shop; probably bigger.  Luckily we got away for less than $50.