After an early workout huffing and puffing up the campground hills, we set out for Gettysburg.

With heavy traffic and a narrow roads through an endless number of small Pennsylvania towns, we finally arrived to find the town of Gettysburg absolutely overrun with tourists.  We eventually parked the car and made it to the tourist center to view the excellent exhibits and attend an “Electric Map” presentation of the battle.  Afterwards we visited the battlefield.  A few photos from a digital camera can’t capture the look and feel of the place — you just have to be there.  The location of Pickett’s charge and Little Round Top were of special interest.  I can’t add anything to what has already been written and documented about the battles; clearly something terrible happened here.  We had plenty to think about on the long drive back to the coach.

Contemporary note:  In our ignorance, we visited Gettysburg on July 2.  Bad idea.  The battle occurred  July 1 – July 3, 1863; we stumbled onto an anniversary date of the battle and the place was packed.