Can you hear me?

After two days of driving, we finally made it back to our new home.  I drove the truck while Jeanne followed in the Jeep.  We communicated via walkie-talkie.

The truck handled a little better loaded, but the ride could never be considered comfortable.  It was like spending two days in a vibrating metal box.  On one section of highway, the bumps in the road were perfectly spaced to get the truck airborne.  I swear there was a brief moment of weightlessness before everything came crashing down with the force of three Gs.  Jeanne saw it happen and immediately got on the radio to ask if everything was o.k.  We guessed that we were hauling 500 pounds of broken tableware.

The noise was deafening.  On long uphill pulls, the screeching duo of radiator fan and turbo boost sounded like a 747 at full power.  My ears were still be ringing hours later; I hope there is no permanent hearing loss.  Clearly, the truck was set up for local deliveries.  You can imagine the relief when we pulled up to the house and shut the thing off.

So far, all phases of the plan were flawlessly executed and all that remains is unloading and setup.  With a little luck, tomorrow we will empty and return the truck.