We were too wound up to get a good night sleep.  First thing in the morning, we returned to Penske to rent the bigger truck.  No problem.  By 8:00 AM we were on our way to the storage facility.  Luckily, the truck could navigate the tight turns.

Danny met us at the storage unit and within three hours the truck was loaded.  He really gave it a good effort and his help was very much appreciated.  It was a miracle we got everything in; the 22 foot truck would never have held it all.  Before closing the storage door for the last time, we swept the unit and took a moment to reflect.  Virtually all our household goods were quietly resting there for almost three years.  Now the space was empty and we were about to move to our new home in Colorado.  How quickly things can change.

We parked the truck at CeeCee’s before visiting her at the hospital one last time.  In the morning, we would be leaving California behind.