We have been on the go now for over a week and all the activity is beginning to take a toll.  We are very tired.

The temp help showed up right on time.  The young guy looked like he was recently released from prison and the older guy looked like he was on step four of a 12 step AA program.  They did, however, get us unloaded with a minimum of fuss.  We gave them a generous tip and ride back to the temp agency.  I hope the extra money was wisely spent.  By noon, we turned in the Penske truck.

Contemporary Note:  Aside from our real estate broker, we literally did not know a single person in town.  Nobody.  Yes, we had some business dealings with escrow, the Penske dealer and a few others, but we did not KNOW anyone.

This state of affairs led us to calling the workforce center for some temporary help.  The guys they sent out really did do a good job and the younger guy kept an eye on the older one in a protective sort of way. 

At the end of the day all our stuff was in our house.