Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio

Today was a great day!

Today was a workout day and after finally rolling out of bed at 8:00, we got to the exercises.  The local roads seemed quiet, so instead of sticking close to the campground I ventured out and ran through the cornfields of southern Ohio and swear it was uphill both directions.  By the time we cleaned up and made some phone calls, it was lunchtime so we cruised to the local town and chose a restaurant that turned out to be a hangout for the locals.  What a feed, and cheap too.

After lunch, we headed for the Air Force Museum at the Wright-Patterson Air Force base.  You can easily spend several days here.  Three enormous hangers house most of the collection, and several of the artifacts are unique or sole-surviving examples.  It was striking that most of the artifacts were in actual use at one time and many saw wartime action.  This is truly a fine collection that is well organized and maintained.  Any visitor to this part of the country would be well served to visit this museum.  After several hours we only hit the highlights and plan to revisit the museum someday.

We returned to the coach, prepared a light dinner and watched some TV.

All in all, it was a great day.