ATA Museum

This was a quiet day.

We got up a little later than usual, had a light breakfast and headed for the ATA (Amateur Trapshooters Association) museum.  The museum was fantastic and included artifacts and biographies related to trap shooting.  The collection of old traps included devices to release live pigeons, launch glass balls, throw real clay disks (targets are no longer made out of clay).  Of particular interest were the biographies of inductees to the ATA Hall of Fame.   Surprisingly, roughly 25% of the inductees were women who had enjoyed the sport from its earliest days.

After the museum, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed for Kinko’s to update the computers.  Expecting rain, we returned to the coach and spent the rest of the afternoon quietly.

Contemporary note:  For readers not familiar with shotgun sports, trap is a game where clay discs (mini clay frisbees) are launched as targets for shotgunners.  Breaking the target is harder than it looks. 

Trap is commonly confused with other shotgun games like skeet and sporting clays.