Winter Wonderland

We woke to a winter wonderland.  There was already three inches of snow on the ground and it was still coming down.  Good thing we topped off the propane tank before leaving Las Vegas!

Later in the morning we dressed warmly and ventured out into six inches of powdery snow on the ground.  We walked around, took some pictures, marveled at the sights and returned to the warmth of the coach.  We were surprised at how quickly the snow melted and by afternoon we ventured out again to return a video, update the computers and make a Walmart run.

Our stay here is a test of sorts.  Both of us have grown up in the mild Southern California climate and this is a test to see if we enjoy living in a place where it occasionally snows.  So far, so good.  We may not settle here, but at least we know living in this climate isn’t bad.

This was the first snow for the coach and everything was fine.  The furnace kept us warm and the coach seems well insulated.  Since it freezes at night, I filled the fresh water and disconnected the hose.  The coach is equipped with a basement heater that keeps the water system from freezing.  I have no idea if it came on or not, but at least we had running water in the morning.

We kept indoors the rest of the day reading and watching TV.  We look forward to our second workout tomorrow morning.