Learning our way around Carson City

As usual, the first order of business was finding out where everything is: Walmart Supercenter, gas station, post office, Borders, Starbucks, Blockbuster Video, laundromat, etc.  In short order we learned our way around.

The weather is forecast to be ugly the next week, so we decided to find a gym for our workouts.  After a little searching on the internet, we found about six gyms close by and decided to do a little comparative shopping.  We settled on a place called Nevada Fitness, which is a local business with three locations.  The assistant manager, Cheyne, is a very personable guy who talked with us for a while.  We decided to join for a month.  The facility is relatively new and well kept.

We were not used to the elevation and our first workout was a killer.  In Las Vegas, I continuously ran for 40 minutes, but here I could only muster ten minutes on the treadmill.  Jeanne was smart enough to keep it to a fast walk.  We had similar experiences at elevation in New Mexico.  I suppose this is the get-used-to-it-day.  For the curious, the coach is at 4,800 feet.

We cruised around Carson City to get a feel for the neighborhoods.  It is certainly a nice town located in a beautiful spot and handy to a lot of things.  There is lot of history here.  Carson City is also the Nevada state capitol.  There is a lot of development here and the area is growing.  We were a little surprised at the real estate prices, but on reflection it is awfully close to California.  We plan to look around in earnest.

The town is located at the foothills of the Sierras just below Lake Tahoe.  Looking at a map, we are about where the west border of Nevada bends.  You can clearly see snow on the mountains to the west, and patches of snow on the rest of the hills surrounding the town.  Today, it was obviously snowing just a few miles away.

With snow in the forecast, we will probably hole up for a day or two.  After stocking up on food and videos, we headed for the coach.