Where is LaSalle, Ilinois?

What a sparkling day!  The sun is out, the air is cool and a light breeze is blowing.  We also got a good nights sleep for the first time in several days.

After three days working on the coach, we were ready to roll.  We had a quick breakfast, put a few things away and left the Monaco warranty facility.  Our destination was La Salle, Illinois, which is a small town about an hour west of Chicago.

Except for the road construction around Chicago, it was an easy drive along well-maintained interstate.  The landscape really opened up and endless fields of corn and soy beans seem to surround the highway.  The weather was cool and a steady breeze pushed the clouds across the sky.  It was perfect driving weather and the scenery was spectacular.

During the drive, we discussed how the feel of the trip has changed.  We were uncomfortable moving around on the east coast, but starting in western New York, the countryside seemed to open up and the people seemed friendlier.  Even in a town the size of Elkhart, the folks seemed friendly.  We hope the trend continues as we move farther into the midwest.

Around 2:00, we found the campground, which was literally surrounded by cornfields.  The site was a perfect pull-thru and we left the Jeep hooked up.  After settling in, we grilled some salmon (Walmart special) and kicked back for the evening.