Monaco facility, day 3

It stormed during the night; the thunder, lightening and rain kept us awake.  It was still storming when we rolled out of bed and brewed our morning coffee.  It was one of those mornings when you pretend to be awake.

Around 6:30, we looked for the service writer, Mike, to complete our check-out paperwork.  Mike was busy, so we took the opportunity to have breakfast at a local cafe, which turned out to be surprisingly good.  It was the first time in a long time that we had real eggs and real butter on toast.

Returning to the warranty facility and after a short wait, Mike got us checked out.  In accordance with Monaco policy, we were allowed to stay in the facility 24 hours after repairs are completed.  This was a godsend because we really didn’t want to travel in stormy weather.

With the where-will-we-stay issue settled, we ran some last minute errands and returned to the coach to spend a quiet afternoon in the coach.  We really needed the quiet time and I took a two hour nap.

In the early evening, the storm passed and the air was cool.  There were no more excuses to put off the workout so I got out the weights, mat and running clothes.  Although it had been several days, the workout was relatively easy until the run, which I cut short at 24 minutes.

After cleaning up, we spent a quiet evening watching TV.