Weight, Tires and Holding Tanks

We had seminars scheduled all day, so we got an early start by hitting the pancake and sausage line.  It was the first time we stood for the National Anthem before before breakfast.  We shared travel stories with a couple from Phoenix while the pancakes soaked up three times their weight in warm maple syrup.  Shortly before 8:00 AM, we headed for the seminars.

Our first two classes focused on calculating motorhome weight and how it relates to tire loading, inflation and care.  It turns out that load and tire pressure are closely related and should be closely monitored.  We already knew most of this and keep an eye on our weight and tires, but this class was a good refresher.  We are committed to lightening our load when we return to California and have a mental list of non-essentials.

The next class was all about the mysteries of holding tanks.  It turns out there is a lot of organic chemistry going on right under our feet, or backsides as the case may be, and controlling the byproducts of all this activity is essential.  Without going into a lot of detail, we had some problems during our travels in warm, humid climates.  Our big purchase of the day were some environmentally friendly chemicals for the gray and black tanks.  This new stuff better work or we go back to the blue bottle.

After a quick break, Jeanne attended a class on improving the RV lifestyle, which was mostly helpful hints and pitfalls.  Not much was new here.

The last seminar was on FMCA membership benefits, which was very informative.  The scope and size of the organization was impressive and many of the benefits were new to us.  We are glad we joined and plan to take advantage of the FMCA programs.

In the evening, we toured Farmington and found the town was much bigger than we thought.  On a rare occasion, we stop at a Dairy Queen for a treat.  This was one of those ‘special nights’ and we sat in the Dairy Queen parking lot enjoying ice cream and watching a desert sunset.

We returned to the coach and spent a quiet evening watching TV before going to bed.