Virginia City

We woke to a beautiful clear day and the weather report promised it would only get better.  This was the first spring-like weather in weeks and we wanted to take advantage of it.  So after a quick breakfast, we headed up the hill to Lake Tahoe again with the goal of seeing the north end of the lake.

There wasn’t as much snow along the road as last trip, but we were surprised at how much was still around.  In fact, it was still very deep in areas and it was like driving through a trench of ice.  We stopped several times to view the lake, play in the snow and take pictures.  We decided to head back through Reno and the road took us over the 8,900 foot Rose Summit, which is the highest year-round Sierra pass.

It was still early in the day and we decided to drive through Virginia City on our way back.  Yes, it was a tourist trap but we had a good time walking around, looking through the shops and stopping at the Bonanza Casino for lunch.  A highlight was looking at a gold and mineral collection at one of the shops.  We took side roads back to Highway 50, which was the way back to Carson City.  All in all, we had a good time exploring the area.

We finally got back to the coach in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day quietly.

The weather looks like it will hold and we plan to make the drive to Winnemucca tomorrow and probably spend the night there.  We have no idea what is there, but I’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow.