The weather changes

The weather forecast was for rain and early in the morning clouds were moving in.  With skies threatening, we decided to make our Searchlight mail-run early.  It was raining by the time we were headed back.

Having lived in the dry climate of Southern California, we knew the desert was not a good place to be in a rainstorm.  In moments, dry gullies can fill.  With little vegetation to hold the gravelly soil in place, roads can flood or wash away.  The best thing you can do is find a well drained area and hole up, which is exactly what we did.  It never rained hard, but it was steady all day long.  We’re in a good spot to wait it out; the only issue is the road to Searchlight, which seems to be well maintained.

We passed the day reading and watching TV.  In the evening, we watched the movie Network on TCM.  Having worked in TV, the movie’s depiction of life in the broadcast industry was not far off the mark.

That night the steady rain turned to showers and then stopped altogether.  Tomorrow should be a nice day.