A few quiet days

There is not much to report about the past few days, we spent most of the time quietly.

Yesterday, we made the trip to Las Vegas (Henderson) for groceries and supplies at the Walmart Supercenter.  We also used the opportunity to update the computers and this web site.  Between us we had over 1,500 e-mails, most of which was junk.  By far, this trip to Henderson was the most exciting thing we’ve done these past few days.

The clean air, low humidity and cool temperatures make the workouts a little easier, but not much.  Getting started is still a major effort.

The weather is beginning to change and a little rain is forecast for the next few days.  We should be o.k. where we are.

It is amazing how green the desert is.  In the past few days, looking across the lake to the other side of the valley, the wildflowers have clearly taken over.  Parts of the valley are noticeably covered with a carpet of yellow flowers.  If it does rain over the next two days, we expect even more color on the distant hills.  It really is pretty here this time of year.