The trip to Fort Lauderdale

We crossed the state on Alligator Alley, the famous flat, straight section of interstate that crosses the heart of the Everglades.  Nothing here but gators, snakes, birds and miles of cypress swamps.

Getting off the interstate in Fort Lauderdale, we took a wrong turn and almost jackknifed the rig trying to get turned around.  It was the closest we came to disaster since starting on our trip.  Once we got going in the right direction, the campground was easy to find.  Pulling into the campground, we were greeted by an over flight of the Blue Angels who were scheduled to perform at the Fort Lauderdale air show that weekend.  Very exciting.

Although the campground itself was clean and secure, it quickly became clear that it was located in an older part of town and running through the local neighborhood could turn into a chase of sorts.  I would have to find another venue for my workouts.