Our stay in Fort Lauderdale

The main objective of our South Florida visit was to renew the close friendships with the many neighbors and former co-workers we knew in the area.  Over the two week period, we visited with Luis and Adriana, Lisa and Brad, Sheila and Terry, Nick and Barbara, Jack and Joanie, Jerry, Anne and Richard, Larry and Toby, Al and Marilyn and others.  There were many fine meals and hours of conversation.  We very much enjoyed spending time with each to catch up on the past three years and share plans for the future.  Certainly, the personal details should not be part of this site, but Jeanne and I were very pleased to find that without exception, everyone was doing well and moving ahead with their lives.

We also wanted to catch up on some health-related items.  Due to the busy schedule in the weeks leading up to our leaving Los Angeles, we missed long-overdue visits to the dentist and optometrist.  We made contact with the health providers we used while living in South Florida and set appointments that we really weren’t looking forward to keeping.

The trip to the dentist was full of unexpected news.  Apparently, while we were living in Los Angeles, the Florida dentist bought a new machine that uses a laser to find cavities that will not show up through traditional x-ray or visual inspection methods.  Every time the machine beeps, it finds a cavity and we get to make a contribution to the dentist’s retirement fund.  After not having any cavities since 1972, the dentist found four (small ones) in me and three in Jeanne.  I also need additional cleaning.  Needless to say, the trip to the dentist turned into a three week series of appointments, none of which was pleasant.  However, our teeth are now as clean and sharp as they have ever been.

The trip to the optometrist resulted in the purchase of several pair of glasses for both of us.  This was the doctor that initially warned Jeanne of retinal problems and he is also the only optometrist to ever write us a good prescription.  We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to solve the glasses problem.  He also had a new machine that uses a laser to digitally image the retina.  He performed the procedure on Jeanne and we now have a digital record to share with retinal specialists if the need arises.

We had a visit from Ron and Mary Fennell, who were on their way through the eastern part of the country and headed for the Florida Keys.  We very much enjoyed their stay and hope to meet up with them again on our travels.

Finally, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Bass Pro Shop before leaving the area.  Not having room for any more toys, we ended up with clothes and shoes.

With the errands done, we are looking forward to moving the coach to the Boynton Beach area where we will be closer to our friends.