The night with Marley

Aside from the wind waking us up twice last night, we slept soundly.  In fact, Jeanne slept eleven hours.

I was very tired from yesterday’s ordeal and taking the wind into consideration, we skipped the workout.

Our first stop was the hospital, where we found Heather and the baby in excellent condition.  To our relief, the baby now had a name, Erika.  Satisfied everyone was well and in good spirits, we headed out.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and visiting with the family.  Eventually we returned to the coach to wait for Andy and Dannette to drop off Marley, one of the grandkids who will be spending the night with us.  This is the first of a rotating sleepover schedule with the grandkids.  Asking Marley what she wanted for dinner, she immediately said McDonalds.  Well, all kids like grease and salt and being good grandparents, we give the kids what they want.  Marley dined on Chicken McNuggets, fries and ketchup and explained in graphic detail what happens “inside” when you eat something.  She learned all this while watching TV.  She also had half the McDonalds menu memorized, which she undoubtedly also learned from TV.  I’m glad to see the McDonalds advertising campaign is getting through to four year olds.

After dinner we returned to the coach to watch Marley color, play make-believe and tell stories.  She got more done in those two hours than some of my former co-workers accomplished in a week.  Fatigued, she fell sound asleep.