Baby Arrives!

Yesterday, the doc decided it was finally time to “get things moving” with Heather.  Late in the afternoon, she checked into the hospital and the medicos started working her over.  This went on for hours, but the baby wasn’t about to budge.  Jeanne stayed, but I returned to the coach to catch a few hours sleep.

When I returned this morning, nothing had changed so I ran some errands and returned to the coach.

Around noon, Jeanne called to announce the baby had finally arrived and that everyone was doing well.  What an ordeal.  Everyone was happy, tired and relieved that it was over.  I picked up Jeanne at the hospital and on the way home, we talked about the new life that entered the world.  Our eighth grandchild.

Jeanne was exhausted and went to bed immediately after dinner.  I went to bed shortly thereafter but before falling asleep, I thought about the baby wondered what her life would be like.