The long drive to Pensacola, Florida

We finally made it to Pensacola, Florida after two long days of driving. 

The original driving plan called for three days, but we wanted to outrun a storm system and combined the first and second days.  Except for some really lousy roads in Louisiana, the drive was just boring.  The highlights were buying diesel for $1.38 at a Flying J and having a pigeon glance off the coach near Pensacola.  The pigeon didn’t quite clear the top of the coach and caught the top right corner.  We were on a bridge when it happened and there was nowhere to maneuver.  We saw it coming, heard it hit and watched is go spinning into Pensacola Bay.  Dumb luck it didn’t hit the windshield.

The countryside changed again and there is no doubt we’re in the South.  There are huge wetland areas surrounded by dense woods with lots of pine.

The campground is near Milton, Florida, which is a small town near Pensacola.  A grove of beautiful old oaks form a green canopy over our site.  After picking up a few things at the nearby Walmart Supercenter, we spent the rest of the evening at the coach and planned activities for the next few days.