On the Road to Beaumont

What a night!

It was bad enough loosing an hour sleep due to daylight savings time, but around 3:00 AM we got hit with a severe thunderstorm.  Luckily we stowed the awnings before going to bed (standard procedure) but we had to pull in the slides when the winds kicked up.  The coach settled down and we salvaged what little sleep we could.  In the morning we surveyed the park and one of the neighboring RVs had the awning completely torn off.  Lesson learned.  We finally hit the road around 10:00 AM and were relieved to be out of the mud at this particular campground.

Except for the drive through Houston and some wind, the trip to Beaumont was uneventful.

The countryside seems to be changing.  The weather has been warmer in this part of the country and spring is clearly evident.  As we head east along the Gulf Coast, we’re seeing pine trees in the dense woods and there are many more marsh/swamp/wetland areas.

The campground we’re staying at is really nice with cement pads and roadways.  The town of Beaumont is not far and we were able to find a gym for our workout and stores for errands.

Tomorrow we finally leave Texas.