The Headless Copperhead

We got up late and decided to skip the workouts for the rest of our stay in Oklahoma City.  No particular reason for the decision, we just needed to be lazy for a while.

We need to get some shopping done before hitting the road tomorrow morning.  After a quick breakfast, we headed out to update the computers and find a Walmart Supercenter.  We also need to find an auto parts store.

Recently, the problem with the connection between the coach and Jeep resurfaced.  It seems the electrical connection is interrupted due to corrosion.  I thought WD40 would solve the problem, but after it dries out the problem reappears.  Some sort of conductive lubricant is needed and the guy at the auto parts store recommended a small package of dielectric grease.  I had no idea anything like this even existed, let alone become part of my life.  My how things have changed this past year!  Anyway, for $1.06 it was worth a try.  Tomorrow I’ll find out when we hook up the Jeep.

In the late afternoon we returned to the coach and took the opportunity to call some of our Florida friends to see if they were o.k. from hurricane Jeanne.  Aside from the usual cleanup, there were no injuries or property damage.  We were glad to hear all was o.k. and wished them well with the cleanup.

In the evening, Ron and Mary hosted us to a Honeybaked Ham dinner with a potato salad side dish based on an old family recipe.  There were no leftovers.  After dinner, we were just getting into a football game when the neighbor called to report her dog cornered a snake.  In a flash, off we went armed with a shovel Ron sharpened for such an event.  The snake was a copperhead with a mean disposition and coiled to strike.  With a single blow, the snake was history.  Ron stowed the shovel in its specially designed camouflage bag and we returned to the football game.

We would be leaving in the morning, so we said our goodbyes.  We very much enjoyed our visit and appreciate the hospitality Ron and Mary extended.  We also appreciate the meat Ron gave us before we left.  Jeanne and I are the beneficiaries of Ron’s hunting skill and now have an ample supply of buffalo, venison and elk quietly resting in our freezer.  We look forward to preparing these treats.

Returning to the coach, we immediately got to bed in anticipation of the long day ahead of us.