The Drive to Lake Texhoma

We woke early and got on with the task of preparing the coach for the road.  Last on the list is hooking up the Jeep and testing the brake lights.  The dielectric grease did the trick — we had a good connection between the coach and Jeep and the lights worked to design specification.  After a fuel stop, we hopped on the interstate and headed south towards Lake Texhoma.

The drive was along good highways with light traffic and we arrived at the lake in the early afternoon.

Lake Texhoma runs along the boarder between Texas and Oklahoma and covers about 89,000 acres.  The state park we pulled into is a huge facility that is lightly used this time of year.  It will be a good place to hide out for the next ten days.  The roads through the park are mostly paved and flat — perfect for running.

After setting up, we went to town to pick up our mail posted as general delivery to Kingston, Oklahoma.  Included in the package was the 2005 license tag for the Jeep, which arrived with only three days to spare.  The rest of the mail package was the usual assortment of statements, magazines and junk.

For the first time in a long time we are able to get satellite TV.  After grilling a steak for dinner, we settled in to watch TV and catch up on the news.  We read a little before falling asleep.