The drive to Fort Myers

The drive to Fort Myers was uneventful.  After a short drive over country roads it was interstate all the way.

The campground is named Shady Acres Travel Park and is somewhat set back from the Tamiami Trail, which is a major highway through the area.  The place looks deserted but a quick discussion with the park management confirmed most of the snowbirds recently departed.  On one day in early April, over 30 rigs left the park heading north.

Setting up the site, the first thing we got going was the air conditioners.  It was 92 in the shade and the air had the feeling of a hot, wet wool blanket.  There is no doubt we’re back in South Florida, but at least we know what to expect this time.

Checking in, our mail was waiting for us.  We were surprised at how few letters there were and it appears we finally got the mail problem under control.  When it comes to mail, less is more.

After making a few phone calls to the family, we turned in for the night.