Our first days in Fort Myers, Florida

The day started with a short workout and dip in the pool.  Even though it was morning and still relatively cool, the heat and humidity were building.  The pool was especially refreshing.

There is a Camping World in Fort Myers and we decided it was time to replace the front lawn.  We had been using the same piece of indoor/outdoor carpet for over ten years and, in accounting terms, it was fully depreciated.  While shopping, we got into a conversation with a couple who is on the verge of buying their first coach to full-time.  They had the same questions and concerns we did and it was fun to share our experience with them.

In the afternoon, we visited the Edison and Ford winter houses.  The Edison property was more interesting since it included the gardens and laboratory.  Of special interest were the many species of plants Edison planted on the property, many of which had truly unique characteristics.  Several pictures were taken, which the reader is encouraged to view.

After visiting the Edison house, we returned to the coach for an early dinner and to plan the next few days.