Seven loads of laundry

We woke early and the day was picture perfect blue skies.

No more excuses – the workouts resume TODAY!  After two cups of coffee I got up enough oomph to get started.  It was the first time in a week for me and several weeks for Jeanne.  It wasn’t pretty, but we did get through it and vow to get back on a regular program.

After cleaning up, Jeanne got after the laundry and I headed to blast the last of the mud off the Jeep and stop at Walmart for some car polish.  Over the past few days, we were amazed to find there was still mud in many of the nooks and crannies of the Jeep.  I even blasted the floor mats, liberating waves of mud and rocks.

Returning to the coach, Jeanne was still getting through seven loads of laundry.  I got after cleaning the inside of the Jeep, which was not done since we left Arkansas.  We finally bagged it around 5:00 PM to grill some salmon for dinner.  The fish was a real treat.  Again, thanks to Walmart, we’re back on our regular eating habits.  We were sick of fast food.

We settled in for the night and watched a program on the History Channel on the French Revolution.