Return to Santa Paula

As expected, our first day in Santa Paula was spent running errands.

After breakfast, the first stop was the gym, which is a small storefront business in a small town.  The deal was $80 for three months.  Money exchanged hands and the membership starts tomorrow.  Next was a stop at the bank followed by a trip to Jeanne’s mother’s house to visit and pick up some mail.  My jury summons was waiting for me.  On the way back we stopped at La Cabana for lunch.  It was a real treat since this was the first really good Mexican food we had in a long time.  There is something about Mexican food on a warm day that makes me drowsy.  We made it back to the coach just in time just in time for siesta.  I was asleep in minutes.

When I woke, the sun was off the front of the coach and we got to work scrubbing the bugs off the windshield and installing the sun screens.  While doing this, we got into a conversation with our neighbors who are in Santa Paula visiting family.  They seemed like nice folks and we talked for about an hour.  They are about our age, retired and travel about six months a year.  They will be in the area for several weeks and we look forward to visiting with them again.

Later in the evening, we grilled some salmon for dinner and watched some videos.  Tomorrow, we look forward to visiting with friends and family.