Erika’s First Birthday

Typical for this time of year, a high pressure weather system causes warm winds to blow from the east.  The morning was sunny, breezy and warm.  The forecast for for the low 80s.

Still tired from the trip, we woke later than usual and had a leisurely breakfast.  About mid-morning we headed for Jeanne’s mother’s house to visit and pick up the mail.  Although most of our mail goes to the Texas drop-box, we are still California residents and certain things go to the Santa Paula address.  This time it was the registration for the coach and my jury duty summons.

The road to Barbara’s house was the same highway that damaged last year due to heavy rain and flooding.  The highway has been reopened, but at four sections traffic is reduced to one lane and controlled by time-delayed traffic lights.  Making the trip is a hassle and you can see the road is lightly traveled.

Returning to Santa Paula we got the workout and lunch out of the way.

It is a big day for Erika, our youngest grandchild.  Today is her one year birthday party and in the afternoon the family assembled at CeCe’s house to celebrate.  To describe the scene as pandemonium would be an understatement.  There had to be at least forty people, half of which were young kids.  We’re not sure who everyone was, or which kid belonged to who, but a good time seemed to be had by all.  The event went into the late afternoon and it was dark when we headed for home.

We spent a quiet evening at the coach watching movies.