Preparing to leave Colorado Springs

Our last few days in Colorado Springs were quietly spent getting ready to leave.  We have been here almost two months and there was quite a bit to do.  For the most part, the weather cooperated.

One evening, we hosted Jeanne’s cousin Vicki and her husband Tim.  We  showed them around the coach and gave them some insight into our wandering lifestyle.  After dining on grilled burgers and visiting for a while, we said our goodbyes.  We very much enjoyed spending time with them.

The day before leaving, we got as much done as possible.  On an absolutely perfect day, we removed the sunscreens, washed the windows, stowed equipment, washed the Jeep, updated the computers, ran the generator for a few minutes, checked the oil and checked the tire pressure.

After a dinner of grilled salmon, we spent a quiet evening looking forward to moving on.