Jeanne was feeling much better today and we were able to get out and about for a while.  Taking it easy, we went to the mall to do some shopping.  We stopped at the Radio Shack to replace an electronic component that got fried by some mad scientist.  Jeanne’s big purchase of the day was a quarter pound of fudge.  On the way back we stopped at a Sonic for lunch.

One of the things we discovered about Colorado Springs is that it is much bigger than we thought.  This is no small town, although it still has a small town feel to it.  Typical of small towns, people try to engage us in conversation.  It happens all the time here.  Maybe folks in Colorado are just friendly.  Or, maybe the passage of time has turned me into an approachable middle-aged guy.  Who knows.  But after growing up in the Big City, the first reaction is to treat all strangers with deep suspicion.  Perhaps people living in small towns don’t live their lives in a constant state of Red Alert.  This will take some getting used to.

Late in the afternoon, an enormous motorhome pulled in next to us.  Watching someone maneuver a motorhome into a tight spot sometimes opens a window to their personality.  The first clue was the driver insisting on pulling into the spot without moving some cars out of the way.  The cars were eventually moved.  The second clue was the driver pretty much ignored the hand signals of the park employee trying to guide him in.  The third clue was that his wife had no part to play in the parking or setup procedure.  Sure enough, after a brief conversation we determined the guy was a jerk.  One of the great things about this lifestyle is that you never have the same neighbor for long.

The rest of the day was spent quietly at the coach.  Jeanne read while I tested Thevenin’s Theorem on my electronics kit.  In the evening, we watched some TV.  Before falling asleep, I wondered what personality will wander into our life tomorrow.