Pilgrims and Indians

Today would be a rare treat.

Marley, one of our granddaughters, recently started school and is currently attending kindergarten.  Of course, no kindergarten experience would be complete without the Thanksgiving Program and today was the big day.  Certainly, our attendance was required.

Over the years, we have attended many events like this.  They have their similarities and differences, but this one will be remembered for its almost flawless execution.  Overall, the kids put on a really good show that was enthusiastically received by a bias audience.  To the teacher’s credit, it was kept short.  Of course, a member of the administration, someone who had nothing to do with the program, gave a boring speech to a captive audience.  Aside from the blowhard, we had a great time.  Marley played the part of an Indian and sang along with the rest of the kids.  A good time was had by all.

After the program, we spent the rest of the day running errands and quietly hanging around the coach.  I even managed to force myself into the gym for a workout.