500 Yards with a .223

The morning was clear and cool.

A former co-worker, Frank, met us early at the coach.  After a quick breakfast, we headed for the Angeles Shooting Range with the rifles to test our gunnery skills.  It had been over six months since I had done any shooting and it was something I was looking forward to.

For a Wednesday, the range had a few more people than expected.  It must have been due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  For about two hours, we plinked away with the .22, picking off silhouettes and pieces of clay targets against the hillside.  Later in the morning, we switched to the .223, set up the spotting scope and started picking off silhouettes between 100 and 400 yards.  I installed a non-magnifying red dot scope on the .223.  The scope was a much appreciated gift from my cousin Howard and is similar to a military-style sighting system.  When properly zeroed in, you put the red dot on the target, squeeze the trigger and hit what you’re aiming at.  Simple, effective and lots of fun.  We even dropped a few rounds onto targets at 500 yards.  Not consistently, but we got enough hits to feel like studs.

The important part of the day was visiting with Frank.  Without getting into details, Frank is a young, successful guy who works hard and is well liked.  He recently made some life changes that includes a new job, a move to Ventura county and a planned marriage in June.  On reflection, each decision is well thought out and part of a life plan.  We are very happy for Frank and his soon-to-be wife Sonia and wish them happiness and success.  We hope to visit with them again during our Southern California visit.

The rest of the day was spent quietly at the coach watching movies and getting ready for Thanksgiving.