National Firearms Museum

This was the day we were waiting for!  Finally, the NRA National Firearms Museum!

The exhibits at the NFM are organized in a way that takes the visitor through the history of firearms, from the invention of gunpowder to modern arms.  Each phase of development is highlighted with period exhibits.  The firearms and related artifacts were genuine and at one time had been in actual use for their intended purpose.  It is hard to describe the number of firearms on display, which has to be in the thousands.  Many of the artifacts have been donated or are on loan from private collections.  Thankfully, the NFM provides computer terminals where visitors can inquire on any item of interest.  The system is efficient and informative.

The museum is fascinating and we spent most of the day there.  The artistry of the presentation pieces was astonishing.  Equally interesting was the what-were-they-thinking exhibit that included great ideas that didn’t quite work out as planned.  We lusted after the shotguns, where are our special weakness.  There is even a complete old-time shooting gallery restored to its original condition.

If you are in the Washington, DC area and have any interest in firearms, this is a must-see.