Monaco facility, day one

We were up at 5:00 AM, or at least we think it is 5:00 AM here, to get the coach ready for the Monaco service technicians.  Here’s the drill: Monaco picks up the coach at 6:30 AM and returns it at 3:30 PM.  Right on time, the service writer came by, did the paperwork and took the keys.  We piled into the Jeep and took off for errands and sightseeing.

It turned out there wasn’t a lot to see in Elkhart or South Bend.  We did drive by Notre Dame University and the surrounding area before heading to Borders to update the computers.  Our next stop was Camping World to pick up a few supplies for the coach.  Before returning to Monaco, we located the Walmart Supercenter.

Right at 3:30 PM, we found the coach parked and ready for us to re-occupy.  The service guys will need another day or two to finish, but already we can see several of the problems were addressed.  It was all very efficient and Monaco is doing a great job making the coach owners as comfortable as possible.  We are very pleased with the process.

We spent a quiet evening watching TV before going to bed early.