Lewis and Clark

We got up later than usual and after a leisurely breakfast, went to Borders to update the computers.

Jeanne has always been interested in the Lewis and Clark expedition and luckily the National Bicentennial Exhibition, organized by the Missouri Historical Society, was currently in St. Louis.  Knowing that we would be at the exhibition all afternoon, we decided to grab something quick for lunch.  Sadly, the only thing immediate was a Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Generally, we avoid KFC for obvious reasons, but this was a moment of weakness.  Hopefully there will be no lingering effects.

Arriving at the exhibition on a gray day, we really didn’t know what to expect.  For $12 each we were supplied with a headset, receiver and time slot for entry.  We ended up spending over four hours viewing the displays and listening to the narrative.  The exhibit was organized along the time line of the expedition, from the point of commission by president Jefferson to the celebrations and research after their return.  Most of the artifacts on display were originals from the expedition, but the exhibits were supplemented with period artifacts.  Overall, the displays and narrative were excellent and you come away with a general understanding of many aspects of the expedition.

Of special note, while waiting to enter the exhibition, we viewed a permanent exhibit of the St. Louis Worlds Fair, which included one of the first modern Olympics.  The pictures and descriptions of the games were interesting — especially the the description of how the distance runners openly used alcohol to improve their performance.  How times have changed.

Returning to the coach, we grilled some steaks and watched the Olympics on TV.