Jeanne was still not 100% and decided to skip the workout.  With the weather warming up again, I got out early while it was still relatively cool.  Running here is a hassle; the campground isn’t big enough and the roads are busy.  Maybe we can scout out a nearby residential area later in the week.

After cleaning up, we headed for the botanical garden and used Debbie’s pass to get in free (thanks Debbie!).  The grounds were beautiful and there has a huge variety of plants and displays.  We especially enjoyed the domed tropical display, the flower gardens and maze.  We walked around for hours and had lunch in the cafe on the grounds.

Later in the day on the way back to the coach, we stopped at a spray-wash to clean up the Jeep, which was covered with a gritty layer of road film, dust and bugs.  We knew it would rain later in the day, but the Jeep was just too dirty to let it go.  One thing we learned on the road: if you get the opportunity to do something, do it.

Back at the coach, we grilled salmon for dinner and watched the Olympic games on TV.  The last of the equipment was stowed minutes before the rain started.