Johnson City

It took us only about an hour and a half to drive from Kerrville to Johnson City.

We have been here two days now and have spent our time staying close to the coach and hiding out from the heat.  In fact, the morning was so hot and humid, we decided to skip the workout and wait for the heat to abate.

The small campground is located along the banks of Miller Creek just south of Johnson City.  Its an o.k. place and perfect for us to hide out over the Memorial Day holiday.  The park is empty now, but it is sold out for the holiday weekend.

Yesterday, after setting up, we did a little exploring around the area and stumbled onto a series of 25 acre lots for sale.  Obviously, someone decided to subdivide up the family ranch.  The views were nice, but the lots just didn’t do anything for us.  We took a pass and headed back to the coach.

Today was mostly spent catching up on this triplog (there was a lot to write), reading, cleaning the inside of the coach and trying to figure out the Windows Media Player object model.  I can now include audio and video clips in web pages, which I plan to add to this web site someday.

After a dinner of grilled chops and salad, we settled in for a quiet evening.  Maybe the weather will cool tomorrow so we can do some exploring.