Family visit

We awoke to sunshine and cool air and no valid excuse to put off our workout another day.  So, after weights and Pilates, off we ran into the wilds of western New York.  At least the ground here is flat.

After we cleaned up and ate breakfast, the honey wagon arrived to drain our tanks.  With the satisfaction of knowing all was now well with the coach, we set off to visit with cousins Joe, Joan and Susan.

The Chazen residence when Marty was born, located in an older, but well kept, part of Buffalo, New York.

The visit was very interesting and mainly focused on family history.  Susan is interested in family history and shared a family tree she maintained on her computer.  Apparently she had spent hours doing research and her records were impressive.  We also enjoyed visiting with Joe and Joan, who I had not seen in a very long time.  Although they are now retired, both had long and successful careers in professional fields.  They are intelligent, thoughtful and truly a pleasure to visit.  I regret not having the opportunity to form a closer relationship when I was younger, but Buffalo was a long way from California.  Joe took us for a drive through the neighborhood where my folks lived when I was born.  The area is still very well kept and I was able to get a picture of the house.  After saying our goodbyes, we returned to the coach, stopping for groceries on the way.  The rest of the night was spent trying to ignore the live music concert sponsored by the campground.