Cleaning the coach

Although we had good intentions, we never quite got things going.

We planned to do our morning workout, but a light rain was enough of an excuse to put it off.  Later in the morning, it was clear we would hang around the coach so we got to work getting some long-overdue cleaning done.  Jeanne took care of the inside and I got busy on the outside with a bucket of suds and brush.  The last time I cleaned the outside was in South Florida and the coach was really a mess.  The sides had a layer of road film and the top was thick with dirt, sap, pine needles, leaves, etc.  The cleaning took most of the day.

The campground lacks a sewer system, so with the tanks getting full we arranged for a visit from the “honey wagon” which never arrived.  Maybe tomorrow, but in the meantime we have to watch our water use.